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CFO Services

At Eminent Tax, our CFO services redefine financial excellence for small businesses. Gain a Personal CFO Consultation, precise
Cash Flow Management, and an Annual Budget based on Industry-specific variables. Benefit from Monthly Variance Analysis, detailed Financial Statements, and our expert presence at Board Meetings. Elevate your business with Eminent Tax’s streamlined CFO services.

Get a free 30 minute consultation, valued at $149.


How Eminent Tax Works

Step 1: Seamless Onboarding of CFO Services

Initiate your CFO journey by connecting with our expert team. Once your business is set up within our system, you’ll be introduced to your dedicated Personal CFO, who will acquaint themselves with your business operations and guide you through the Eminent Tax CFO service.

Step 2: Real-Time Financial Insights

Access a dynamic overview of your financial landscape in real-time. Track income, expenditures, and financial trends effortlessly, gaining valuable insights before your financial records are finalized.

Step 3: Professional CFO Management

Each month, your Personal CFO diligently manages your financial affairs, overseeing Cash Flow, conducting Monthly Variance Analysis, and preparing detailed Financial Statements. Communication is key – if there’s any information required from your end, rest assured your CFO will reach out promptly.

Step 4: Tax-Ready Financials Delivered

Experience peace of mind during tax season. Your Eminent Tax CFO ensures you’re equipped with a comprehensive package, containing all necessary documents for seamless tax filing. Alternatively, opt for our Premium plan, and let us handle the entire tax filing process on your behalf.

Assured Precision in Financial

Optimize your business finances with our commitment to 100% accuracy and error-free financial management.

Increased Daily Productivity

Entrust the intricacies of financial management to our certified CFO professionals. Reclaim valuable time each day to concentrate on propelling your business forward.

Complete Tranquility

Operate your business with peace of mind as our CFO experts meticulously handle transaction recording and account reconciliation, ensuring the seamless flow of your financial operations.

Tax-Ready Financials

Attain tax-ready financials that pave the way for the best possible tax outcomes. Delegate your financial management to our seasoned CFO professionals and tax consultants, securing a strategic approach to your business's fiscal success.

See how our CFOs can help you have better finances to grow your business and make better decision.

Simple, straightforward pricing for your Business Needs

4 hours of CFO engagement

  • Personal CFO Consultation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Annual Budget based on Industry specific variables
  • Financial Statements
  • Monthly Variance Analysis & Reporting against Annual Budget
  • Board Meeting Presence

8 hours of CFO budgeting

  • Personal CFO Consultation
  • Budget based on Industry specific variables
  • Financial Statements
  • Variance Analysis & Reporting
  • Board Meeting Presence
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